Do any of you have problems with mold? If so, the Robots-At-War Store has some good news for you!

Most of the posts you’re used to reading on the Robots-At-War Store blog have to do with some of the biggest and most exciting computer games that are coming to the market these days. But this post is very special. It has nothing to do with computer games; it has to do with…get this…mold remediation Atlanta!

Mold remediation Atlanta?

Yes. Absolutely. Mold remediation Atlanta.

If you’re in Atlanta, or anywhere near Atlanta, and we know that thousands of you are, because we ourselves, the Robots-At-War Store, are in Atlanta, then you will want to know what we have discovered about mold remediation Atlanta.

We never even thought about mold remediation before, because we never had any problem with mold before, and never had any idea how big a problem mold can be.

And then one day about three weeks ago, we discovered a very virulent strain of mold growing all over one of our storerooms.




It was all over!—all over the floor, climbing up the walls, and climbing over the products and equipment we had back there too.

The reason we hadn’t noticed it before was because it was one of our smaller storerooms, one that we didn’t go into very often. But we went in there one day three weeks ago, and…

And the next thing you knew we were on the internet, looking for someone who could help us get rid of the mold.

And we finally found, down on the bottom of the first page of Google, the one we were looking for: Atlanta Mold & Cleaning.

We called every single mold removal specialist on the first page of Google, but when we finally got to Atlanta Mold and Cleaning, down near the bottom of the page, we found a price that we could hardly believe—after talking to all those others.

We also found a team of mold removal specialists who really knew their stuff, and who came out to our store, and in no time at all had us all fixed up.

They did such a fine job at such a low cost that we felt we had to tell you about them: about Atlanta Mold & Cleaning.

And now that we’ve told you, tomorrow we can get back to business as usual, and start talking, once again, about some of the biggest and most exciting computer games that are coming to the market these days.


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